Biiq,Beauty salon, Osaka

March, 2015


2016/, Brand & Product Development in Arita Japan

Foreign Strategic Branding Project for Arita-Porcelaine 2016/.

January, 2015

Pen table

This small table is graced with a supportive structure that stands on three fine,

April, 2014

Chimney, Pendant light

Pendant lights were designed for ‘kiln’ the Kyoto restaurant.

April, 2013

1616/ arita japan

1616/atita japan, porcelain, Japan

Manufactured in the ancient ceramics town of Arita in southern Japan where the art of ceramics was introduced for the first time by Koreans in the 17th century.

November, 2012

Tray table for Ringbell, Side table, Japan

A series of small side-tables of which the top also serves as a tray.

December, 2011

Slide hanger for Ringbell, Coat rack, Japan

This design sees a sliding iron arm fixed to a solitary wooden post act as a coat hanger.

July, 2011

Karimoku New Standard

Karimoku New Standard x Shin Suzuki Milan Design week, Exhibition 2011, Galleria Suzy Shammah, Milan

Japanese domestic brand KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD held an exhibition at Milan Design Week 2011.

April, 2011

TYP for Morpho, Leather Accessories, Japan

“TYP” is a collection of leather goods for the Tokyo based leather manufacturer ‘Morpho.

November, 2010

Ne, Beauty salon, Osaka

This hairdresser's shop located in the centre of Osaka was designed for a young couple that had started up their own business.

May, 2010

Bespoke Edition

Pasta Jewellery for Bespoke edition, Jewellery collection, Japan

This jewelry collection is a homage to pasta. The food which is essential to our lives and is at the same time a classic of industrial design.

October, 2009

Bespoke Edition

Flames for Bespoke edition, Candle holder, Japan

A crystal candle holder. The orange glow from the candle’s flame is reflected in a continuous row of lights in varying shades of colour.

January, 2009

Karimoku New Standard

Nook for KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, Coat rack, Japan

Modular coat rack NOOK can be adapted to meet its user’s needs and habitation.

January, 2009

Mochisho Shizuku, Japanese confectionary store, Osaka

This was a commission for a new branch of an Osaka based traditional Japanese confectioner, specializing in stuffed rice cakes (mochi).

January, 2008


Apartment +LIM, Beauty salon, Osaka

The spacious salon with an area of 397 square metres is structurally composed of 6 boxes scattered around an open space.

August, 2007

Filtered Luminaire

The light of this standard fluorescent lamp is covered with perforated metal that gently lights up any space with its soft glow.

June, 2007

Slant for Kimura Glass, Tumbler, Japan

Normally glassware is geometrically neutral. But this glass is tilted off its vertical axis adding a sense of surprise and awareness to the familiar act of drinking.

January, 2006

Put it, Clock

Ordinary Post-it notes are converted to form the face of an unmarked time-piece. The Post-its become the means to visualize time as a personal phenomenon.

January, 2006

Carbon fiber furniture, Table and Chair

An exquisitely fine chair of carbon fibre that looks like a single sheet of bent paper just like origami.

January, 2005


W table

Unique parts are embedded into the wood’s interior meaning that it can be securely fixed together with just 15 turns of a wrench. Once you know how, it can be up and standing within 3 minutes.

January, 2015

Ephemeral light, Pendant light

Pendant lights inspired by the glowing sparklers that bring to mind the true feeling of a Japanese summer were designed for the beauty salon ‘Biiq.’

December, 2014


2016/ project, Installation, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo

Although the potteries and trading companies of Arita form the core nucleus of the 2016/Arita Porcelain project, in order to truly have an impact on the traditional industries of Japan,

November, 2013

Kiln, Restaurant, Kyoto

A restaurant planned for the 2nd floor of the Murakami-jyu Building which houses the Bijuu Hotel in the Shi-jo area of central Kyoto.

January, 2013

Boronoi chair

A lounge chair that incorporates a geometric design shape.

October, 2012

Reflected mirror for Ringbell, Wall mirror, Japan

A magnet which is attachable to the reverse side of the glass allows the user to position a small tray to any desired place on the mirror’s surface.

October, 2011

Karimoku New Standard

Karimoku New Standard x Shin Suzuki, Exhibition 2011, Lidewij Edelkoort Gallery, Paris

Having seen the exhibition in Milan, Li Edelkoort suggested putting on a mobile exhibition around Paris that became KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD X Shin Suzuki.

June, 2011

Sergio Rossi men’s concept store, Footwear boutique, Hankyu Men’s, Tokyo

This is the second shop to open internationally after the first Sergio Rossi men's concept store in Milan.

January, 2011

Chords for Pallucco, Pendant light, Italy

Chords emerged from considerations into the ways of transforming basic 2D geometric elements such as circles into complex objects through one single bend in the material.

September, 2010


Kizuki + LIM, Beauty salon, Singapore

The latest branch of the rapidly growing Japanese company 'Less is More' is located in the prestigious Raffles Hotel in the centre of Singapore.

April, 2010


CODE+LIM, Beauty salon, Tokyo

LIM CODE was built for young stylists who completed their training at LIM Hair in Osaka and now wish to progress to work independently.

May, 2009

Karimoku New Standard

Pile for KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, Modular furniture, Japan

PILE converts an industrial icon; the universal palette into basic modular furniture that adjusts to individual needs. Either stood upright or laid-out as a low table.

January, 2009

Copy project

1915 in collaboration with Kueng Caputo, Low table and shelf, Japan / Switzerland

This set of two stackable low tables was created for the exhibition ‘complementary colours-missing link of design’ held at Milan Design Week 2009.

January, 2009

Bespoke Edition

Shifting vase for Bespoke edition, Flower vase, Japan

A vase that plays with our experience and perception and interacts with the nature of the flowers. An archetipical shape, sliced into individual segments, that can beshifted or rearranged.

January, 2008

In the dark & Composition for Wajima Kakitsubata, Urushi ware, Japan

This is a project to help the Wajima region to reconstruct and revitalize its traditional industries after the heavy earthquake of March 25th 2007.

July, 2007

Osaka Beauty Art College, Building, Osaka

A new building serving as an educational institution on a main Osaka street.

June, 2007

Shadow furniture, Table and Chair

Furniture that hides all structural necessities within a layer of shadow. Shadow is taken into account as a part of this furnitures structure.

January, 2006

Cover it, Flower vase

Independently insubstantial, it borrows form and strength from readymade objects to create a meaningful condition.

January, 2006


X table

A table design which can easily be assembled by anyone and comes in various colours which the customer can select.

January, 2015


Tsuru+LIM, Beauty salon, London

A salon planned for the Shoreditch region of East London.

November, 2014

1616/ arita japan

Food Squat, 1616/arita japan, Pop up Restaurant, Tokyo

During the Tokyo Design Week 2013, Yanagihara organized a guerilla culinary event.

November, 2013

Bijuu, Hotel, Kyoto

Supervised the renovation of a 5 storey building belonging to Murakami-jyu, one of the well-established pickle merchants in Kyoto who boast over a hundred years of history.

January, 2013

Karimoku New Standard

Karimoku New Standard Milan Design Week, Exhibition 2012, Erastudio Apartment Gallery, Milan

Japanese furniture brand KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD was exhibited at an apartment gallery in the central district of Milan as part of the Milan Design Week 2012.

April, 2012

Jaggy for Ringbell, Tray, Japan

A tray assembled together from solid pieces of wood. The notched gap is a minimalist piece of fabric that makes you want to place items on it.

September, 2011

Wallpaperplate & The waribashi spoon for WALLPAPER* Exhibition 2011 magazine, Milan, Disposable tableware

Wallpaperplate is a disposable tableware system (consisting of a cup, plus deep and low plates) that comes in two versions.

May, 2011

Naked house, Apartment renovation, Tokyo

This is a private apartment in a residential tower, remodeled for an editor.

January, 2011

Cafe Recipe, Installation & Workshop 2010, Rokko Mountain, Kobe

A temporary café was built among a variety of specially selected and deliberately arranged plants, provided with tags that explain about each plant’s peculiarities, scent and taste.

August, 2010

Copy project

Constricted void in collaboration with Kueng Caputo for Bespoke edition, Vase, Japan

These hand-blown glass vases were part of the project ‘COPIES’ in collaboration with Swiss artist-duo Kueng Caputo.

November, 2009

Karimoku New Standard

Halfway for KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, Sofa system, Japan

The Halfway seating unit was designed to be a particular size between the dimensions of a lounge chair and a double sofa.

January, 2009

Karimoku New Standard

Stools for KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD, Stool, Japan

STOOLS is a ‘two-storey’ stool/side-table that mixes typologies to constitute a versatile object that serves various purposes.

January, 2009

Grow for OFFECCT, Sofa system, Sweden

The extensive quest for perfect quality, simplicity and comfort has resulted in a versatile modular sofa with a timeless international look.

January, 2009

Module Furniture, Furniture system, Japan

Modular, storable furniture designed for a certain hotel.

January, 2008

Salon chair for Osaka Beauty Art College

June, 2007


Clinie+LIM, Beauty salon, Tokyo

The hair salon Clinie is divided into small spaces to give privacy and a sense of intimacy during consultations. There are four boxes; two for hair-cutting, one for shampooing and one for staff.

January, 2006

Wane for Deroll, Clock, Japan

A clock with a face in the shape of the lunar phase which has been considered as most beautiful in Japan since ancient times.

January, 2006

Graffiti, Sofa

A piece of furniture, that memorizes your traces and signs on its surface.

January, 2005