Teruhiro Yanagihara was born in 1976 in Kagawa Japan. After graduating from Osaka University of Art in 1999, he started to work independently and established his own company in Osaka in 2002.
Since then, he has been working in the fields of interior- and product-design and creative direction for national and international clients, such as KARIMOKU (Japan), LESS IS MORE (LIM) Group (Japan), KIMURA GLASS (Japan), HERMAN MILLER Asia (Hong Kong), OFFECCT (Sweden), PALLUCCO (Italy), SERGIO ROSSI (Italy) and many others.
His works have been the subject of numerous exhibitions in Japan and Europe and has been published in various books and major magazines.
He was nominated Elle Decor Young Talent of the Year 2010.
In june 2011, Teruhiro Yanagihara has moved his studio from Osaka to Kyoto and initiated the scheme TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA/bespoke, a brand for exclusive ‘bespoke’ projects, created with the finest japanese artisans and manufacturers, that targets international private customers, collectors and galleries.
He is founding member of the yearly symposium DESIGNEAST and initiator and creative director of the KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD

Masaki Kato, space design assistant
Shino Nakai, product design assistant

David Glaettli, acts as a subsidiary and deputy of Teruhiro Yanagihara in Europe. He manages the projects connected to europe and is the contact person for international clients.
David Glaettli was born in Zurich in 1977. He studied Japanese in Zurich and industrial design in Milan and Lausanne, where he graduated from ECAL in 2003. After acquiering experience as a product designer and interior coordinator, he moved to Japan in 2008 and joined TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA/. In august 2011, he has set up his base in Zurich and works with Teruhiro Yanagihara as associate Designer and Design Director.


Lounge Chair for Herman Miller, in progress
1616 ceramics products for Momota Touen, in progress
Wallpaperplate disposable tableware for Wallpaper* Handmade, 2011
Chords lighting for Pallucco Italy, 2011
Shifting Vase for Mater Denmark, 2011
Furniture collection for Ringbell, 2010
TYP leather products for Morpho, 2010
Pile shelf for Karimoku New Standard, 2009
Halfway sofa for Karimoku New Standard, 2009
Nook coatstand for Karimoku New Standard, 2009
Sofa Grow for Offecct Sweden, 2009
Lacquerware for WajimaxKakitsubata, 2007


Concept store for Sergio Rossi, Tokyo 2011
Kizuki+LIM Hair Salon Raffles Hotel, Singapore 2010
LIM CODE hair salon, Tokyo 2009
Kizuki+LIM Hair Salon, Singapore 2009
Nichigetsumochi confectionary store, Osaka 2008
Atelier+LIM hair salon, Osaka 2008
Ricort hair Salon, Tokyo 2008
J house private residence, Kagawa 2008
Exhibition RE:USE Live for Takeo, Tokyo 2007
Osaka College of Beauty, Osaka 2007
Apartment+LIM Hair Salon, Osaka 2007
Clinie+LIM Hair Salon, Tokyo 2006


1616 brand and ceramics collection for Momota Touen, since 2011
TYP brand and leather goods collection for Morpho, since 2010
KARIMOKU NEW STANDARD brand and furniture collection for Karimoku, since 2009

柳原 照弘 / Teruhiro Yanagihara

1976年香川県生まれ。大阪芸術大学デザイン学科を卒業後、2002年“ISOLATION UNIT/TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA”設立。「デザインする状況をデザインする」という考えのもと、国やジャンルの境界を越えたプロジェクトを多数手がける。2011年6月より、京都北山を拠点に、「新たな創出の場」として[bespoke]をオープン、世界との接点を生み出すべく企画を展開していく。DESIGNEASTディレクター、KARIMOKU NEW STANDARDクリエイティブディレクター。主なクライアントはKARIMOKU NEW STANDARD、LIMHAIR、木村硝子、等の国内企業からOFFECCT(スウェーデン)、PALLUCCO(イタリア)、SERGIO ROSSI(イタリア)等、国外でも多数のプロジェクトに関わる。

603-8047 京都府 京都市 北区 上賀茂本山 385-10
TEL:075 741 6926 FAX:075 741 6964

385-10 Kamigamomotoyama Kita-ku Kyoto 603-8047, Japan
TEL:+81(0)75 741 6926 FAX:+81(0)75 741 6964
contact Europe: David Glaettli TEL:+41 (0)78 804 9506

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