Bijuu, Hotel, Kyoto

Supervised the renovation of a 5 storey building belonging to Murakami-jyu, one of the well-established pickle merchants in Kyoto who boast over a hundred years of history. The traditional split hanging curtains at the first floor doorway help retain a sense of history while providing entrance to a new, contemporary space consisting of a café and reception area. Even from inside, the large wooden-framed windows let guests truly sense the glory of the four seasons in Kyoto, from the cherry blossom in spring to the changing of the autumnal leaves. On the top floor, some of the splendid materials used to previously adorn the en-suite room were kept yet in other places completely new materials were selected for use. The bricks and stones were processed, in this case reduced by half their original size to entirely eradicate any preconceptions held. In the very centre of the room a bath was installed to produce a more soothing atmosphere. Even down to most of the doorknobs and plant-pots being originally created attest to the detail of this project.Photography by Takumi Ota.