Cafe Recipe, Installation & Workshop 2010, Rokko Mountain, Kobe

In a greenhouse in a botanical garden, a temporary café was built among a variety of specially selected and deliberately arranged plants, provided with tags that explain about each plant’s peculiarities, scent and taste. Inspired by the plants and herbs, the visitors were asked to come up with a recipe and to contribute it to a featured open book. Artist Shiho Ueda then selects and illustrates the recipes and exhibits the resulting pictures in the café. Their number is slowly growing along with the number of recipes submitted. Visitors can harvest herbs, prepare and enjoy tea on site. Café Recipe is an elemental space that occupies a place between the interior and exterior, flooded with light meant to inspire the imagination and senses while conveying a concept of realness and hospitality. Café Recipe is a project in collaboration with ‘plant hunter’ Seijun Nishihata and artist Shiho Ueda, with the contribution of Arabeschi di Latte.Photography by Yasunori Shimomura.