Clinie+LIM, Beauty salon, Tokyo

The hair salon Clinie is divided into small spaces to give privacy and a sense of intimacy during consultations. There are four boxes; two for hair-cutting, one for shampooing and one for staff. Each cubicle is on a platform 0.3m above the floor and surrounded by a 1.8m high partition wall so that customers cannot see or be seen from outside the boxes during consultations or the actual haircut. However, the staff can observe the performance of colleagues and freely communicate with each other because there are no obstructions at eye level when standing inside the elevated cubicles. In this salon, two opposing aims are achieved; to respect the privacy of the customers and to allow open communication among the staff. There are no unessential components but only the bare minimal elements necessary for the functionality of each space. This design clearly emphasizes the fact that LIM stands for the principle that ‘Less is More.Photography by Takumi Ota.