CODE+LIM, Beauty salon, Tokyo

CODE was built for young stylists who completed their training at LIM Hair in Osaka and now wish to progress to work independently. Accordingly, the targeted customers are also younger so the shop is located in Tokyo’s bubbly Harajuku district and prices are relatively low. The concept emerged from this premise and the project was consequently kept low-cost from its inception. This time, the rigorously minimalist approach that all LIM shops TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA designed have in common not only applies to the appearance but also physically to the construction itself. Only indispensable interventions were made and the space was left intentionally ‘unfinished’; the walls, floor and ceiling remain bare after dismantling and instead of separating walls, a freight container was installed in which the reception is housed. The rough and provisional setting reflects the situation of the newly-graduated stylists from Osaka who moved to the capital to begin their careers with little financial means but ample ambition.Photography by Takumi Ota.