Constricted void in collaboration with Kueng Caputo for Bespoke edition, Vase, Japan

These hand-blown glass vases were part of the project ‘COPIES’ in collaboration with Swiss artist-duo Kueng Caputo. A series of objects was alternately created by TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA and Kueng Caputo, one inspired by the other. A process that resembles ‘Renga,’a poetry form popular in ancient Japan, a sort of continuing poetic dialogue between a group of poets where every stave is contributed by a different person. CONSTRICTED VOID that concludes this ‘inspiration-chain’ even having emerged from its preceding counterparts appears unquestionably as an original piece of work. The liquid glass was blown directly into a frame of aluminium bars which were then removed after hardening.Photography by Takumi Ota, Rie Nitta.