EARTHSCAPE, OKURAYAMA STUDIO Exhibition in collaboration with artist Yuna Yagi

OKURAYAMA STUDIO is launching a new research project with designer Teruhiro Yanagihara.

Yanagihara, who has long admired stones as a record of the earth, conducted research work at OKURAYAMA STUDIO which owns a quarry and workshop for Daté Kan Stones.
Each Daté Kan Stone has a different character, and has a unique charm born by the dynamism of the changing earth. Yanagihara chose rough stones as if excavating the history of the Okurayama mountain that has interlinked relationships between the mountain and stones, and the stones and human beings. Yuna Yagi, an artist/photographer collaborating for this exhibition, walked along the mountain with Yanagihara, capturing the relationship of the stones and the earth and climate of the quarry with almost 100 years of history. The exhibit by the two creators acting in unison portrays the unseen power and story behind the Daté Kan Stones. Photography by Kenta Hasegawa.