Gravity for Kvadrat, Exhibition 2017,London

Gravity has been introduced at the exhibition ‘My Canvas’ from Kvadrat at the Somerset House during the London Design Festival 2017.Kvadrat is a world- renowned Danish Textile Company which has invited 19 designers to “rethink the use” of one of their brand’s most successful fabrics ‘Canvas’. ‘Canvas’ was produced by Italian colorist Giulio Ridolfo. The Canvas color range takes its cues from the landscape scenery of Skagen; a port town at the north end of Denmark, known to have attracted painters since the Dutch Golden Age due to its picturesque views.Gravity is a series of wall-mounted shelves that convey a sense of gravity with its beautiful lines that make use of the soft characteristics of fabric. When the shelf is empty, the fabric draws a naturally curved line, when an object is placed into the shelf, the line will change to assume the shape of the object. The shelf creates movement, expressing the nature of Kvadrat’s fabrics. Even when it is not in use, it is present on the wall like an art work.Photography by Casper Sejerson.