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/ MAISON will act as a stage upon which craftsmen will be drawn together in a creative environment. This project will be hosted in the Dobuike-seni-kaikan building, a structure of modern architectural design hailing from the Taisho Era (1912-1926) and located in downtown Osaka. Rather than merely existing as an exhibition and sales space alone, the venue will also be used for a range of new initiatives centred around the concept of ‘POST CRAFTS’, allowing for a wider exploration of creatives, crafts and industries from all over the globe.


A design studio presided over by director Teruhiro Yanagihara. In addition to holding workshops, there is ample space for housing temporary exhibitions and installations of the studio’s current projects.


A customised space for the exhibition and sale of items from global manufacturers and brands that studio TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA/ has collaborated with. Also on sale will be products and project books from designers and authors with whom design studio TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA/ shares a mutual interest and kindred design approach.


This is a designated space for the exhibition and installation of edition pieces. This will showcase those select pieces forged from Teruhiro Yanagihara’s longstanding collaborations with both domestic and international craftsman, as well as exhibitions or installations that highlight other internationally active designers and artists.


The form and materials found in Nature have inspired us and given birth to the abundance of tools that form the / STORAGE material library. This serves as a space where the human imagination can be enriched simply through the instinctive act of selecting a material.


A space for physically utilising and experiencing the day-to-day products which design studio TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA/ has created throughout its history. / ROOFTOP has a fully-functioning kitchen which will cater for a variety of scheduled events including pop-up restaurants that make use of design collections such as those created for 1616 / arita japan and Kimura Glass among others.

Photographer: Takumi Ota