Exhibition “Layerscape”

Thank you very much for coming to Teruhiro Yanagihara’s exhibition “Layerscape” !

Date: Wednesday, July 4th – Tuesday, August 7th, 2018
Time: 11:00 – 19:00
Closed on Sunday and Holiday | Admission Free
Cooperation: Kvadrat Japan / SANMARINO Ltd. / NEW LIGHT POTTERY / 2016 Corporation / TAKEO Co., Ltd. / Sakai Printing Co., Ltd.

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会期:2018年7月4日 (水) – 8月7日(火)
時間:11:00 – 19:00

日曜・祝日休館 | 入場無料
協力:Kvadrat Japan / 株式会社サンマリノ / NEW LIGHT POTTERY / 2016株式会社 / 株式会社竹尾 / 株式会社坂井印刷所

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ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.155 June 2018 / p.70-p.73

CONFORT / no.161 April 2018 / p.58-p.63

商店建築 / vol.63 March 2018 / p.110-p117

商店建築 / vol.62 November 2017 / p.54-57

ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.149 April 2017 / p.196-p.197

HAIR’S  HOW / no.206 December 2016 / p.156-p.157

ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.147 December 2016 / p.51 , p.201 ,  p.218-p.223

CASA BRUTUS / no.197 August 2016 / p.102-p.103

ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.145 August 2016 / p.226-p.231

L’OFFICIEL JAPAN / no.008 July/August 2016 / p.99-p.115

AXIS / vol.181 June 2016 / p.37-p.42

ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.144 June 2016 / p.196-p.199

FUDEBAKO / vol.33 SS 2016 / p.128-p.141

ELLE DECOR JAPAN / no.143 April 2016 / p.200-p.201

/ SHOP Open

TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA / が運営する、ショップ&ギャラリースペース / SHOP(ショップ)がオープンしました。
1616/arita japanやTYP、木村硝子店など、柳原照弘が関わる国内外のプロダクトの紹介や、親交の深いデザイナーとの企画展示を中心に、様々な試みを行います。

Shop & Gallery space “/SHOP” (shop) operated by design studio TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA was opened.
We will make various attempt mainly introducing domestic and international products involving Teruhiro Yanagihara such as 1616/arita japan, TYP/ MORPHO, Kimura glass and special exhibition of deep friendship designers at “/SHOP”.

2F 3-1-16 Kyutaromachi Chuo-ku Osaka 541-0056 Japan
541-0056 大阪市中央区久太郎町3丁目1-16 丼池繊維会館 2F
Open Hours: 12:00-19:00
Close: Wednesday and Thursday
Tel: +81(0) 6 6281 8049

An installation between end and new beginning

オープニングインスタレーション 終わりと始まりの間の1日
Teruhiro Yanagihara / Masayo Funakoshi / Naoto Ishii

日時:2016年7月15日(金) 19:00-22:00
場所:541-0056 大阪市中央区久太郎町3-1-16 丼池繊維会館

2016/, Brand & Product Development in Arita Japan

Foreign Strategic Branding Project for Arita- 2016/


This project came about as the next development following the branding project entitled 1616/arita japan for the cradle of Japanese ceramics in Arita, Saga Prefecture. ‘Arita’ is not simply a brand-name but rather the name of a famous town and region renowned for its ceramic production that provides the livelihoods for over 200 potteries and trading companies based there. Among those, 16 local companies in collaboration with 16 designers are developing a new series; 2016/ to be premiered during Milan Design Week in 2016. This project is not only the sole realm of the Arita region alone but aims to be a truly global project that is being undertaken with the valued cooperation of The Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Yanagihara is acting as Creative Director and Designer in conjunction with Scholten & Baijings of The Netherlands. Other prominent designers involved include: Ingegerd Råman (Sweden), Stefan Diez (Germany) and Wieki Somers (The Netherlands). In all, 16 eminent designers are participating and having already paid trips to Arita to speak with the local craftsmen the creative process is well underway.