1616/ arita japan

Food Squat, 1616/arita japan, Pop up Restaurant, Tokyo

During the Tokyo Design Week 2013, Yanagihara organized a guerilla culinary event with head chef/director of the ‘kiln’ restaurant in Kyoto (Masayo Funakoshi) in conjunction with fellow Tokyoite and renowned Italian chef Tou-san. The concept was to serve guests with fine and sophisticated food on the range of tableware created for the 1616/ arita japan project at a random izakaya under the train tracks in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. By holding the event in such a unique and frankly awkward spot, a fresh perspective on the new relationships developing between people, food, tableware and environment was able to emerge.

Photographer: Koji Yamano

1616/ arita japan

1616/atita japan, porcelain, Japan

The products are part of the new collection 1616 / Arita Japan, manufactured in the ancient ceramics town of Arita in southern Japan where the art of ceramics was introduced for the first time by Koreans in the 17th century. The profound experience and skills of the local craftsmen finds expression in the extraordinary sharpness, thinness and strength of these products. Due to the extreme density of the used local clay, the items are stain-resistant even without glazing. The product line comprises of plates, bowls, cups, mugs and pitchers. The project includes offering art direction and branding. The Dutch designers; Scholten & Baijings were invited to design an additional series, ‘Colour Porcelain.’ The collection was launched at the newly designed flagship store at the Palace Hotel Tokyo in May 2012.

Photographer: Ariko Inaoka, Kenta Hasegawa

1616/arita japan

1616/ arita japan

Momota Touen Flagship store, Ceramic store, Palace Hotel, Tokyo

The 1616/arita japan series promoting Japan’s renowned Arita ceramics brand is exhibited at Momota Touen’s flagship store in Tokyo. The entire range of 1616/ arita japan products is carefully stored at the shop to be found beneath the internationally-acclaimed and grand Palace Hotel. In fact, all the exhibits and stock can be seen enshrined on their huge shelves. The vivid colours of the Arita-ware come to the fore against the uniformly dark grey interior of the store.

Photographer Takumi Ota

1616/ arita japan