Copy project

Constricted void in collaboration with Kueng Caputo for Bespoke edition, Vase, Japan

These hand-blown glass vases were part of the project ‘COPIES’ in collaboration with Swiss artist-duo Kueng Caputo. A series of objects was alternately created by TERUHIRO YANAGIHARA and Kueng Caputo, one inspired by the other. A process that resembles ‘Renga,’a poetry form popular in ancient Japan, a sort of continuing poetic dialogue between a group of poets where every stave is contributed by a different person. CONSTRICTED VOID that concludes this ‘inspiration-chain’ even having emerged from its preceding counterparts appears unquestionably as an original piece of work. The liquid glass was blown directly into a frame of aluminium bars which were then removed after hardening.

Photographer: Takumi Ota, Rie Nitta


Bespoke Edition

Pasta Jewellery for Bespoke edition, Jewellery collection, Japan

This Jewellery collection is a homage to pasta. The food which is essential to our lives and is at the same time a classic of industrial design. In the country of its origin, hundreds of types of pasta exist, each of which is unique to that particular region and local culture. The collection evolves from this inexhaustible variety of pasta which literally builds the core of these pieces of jewelry. The metal coating is applied directly onto genuine pasta.

Photographer: ISOLATION UNIT,Takumi Ota

Bespoke Edition

Flames for Bespoke edition, Candle holder, Japan

A crystal candle holder. The orange glow from the candle’s flame is reflected in a continuous row of lights in varying shades of colour. The ambience created by this illusory object makes you doubt whether the flame before your eyes is real or just a figment of your imagination.

Photographer: Takumi Ota, Rie Nitta, Naoko Akechi

Bespoke Edition

Shifting vase for Bespoke edition, Flower vase, Japan

A vase that plays with our experience and perception and interacts with the nature of the flowers. An archetypical shape, sliced into individual segments, that can be shifted or rearranged. This might cause surprise because we expect, that the water inside will seep out: In reality, the vase will continue to keep your flowers fresh and bright. The design shows with simple means how much we trust our experience and perception to be true. SHIFTING VASE is crafted of solid black granite or white marble by an artisan in Kagawa prefecture. The segments can be stacked and assembled freely in order to fit your favoured flowers. The water is contained only in the bottommost part in the manner of ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

Photographer: Takumi Ota