In the dark & Composition for Wajima Kakitsubata, Urushi ware, Japan

This is a project to help the Wajima region to reconstruct and revitalize its traditional industries after the heavy earthquake of March 25th 2007. Wajima is famous for Wajima-nuri (Japanese lacquer) and Sake brewing, both of which are produced by artisans whose expertise has been inherited from generation to generation. The severe earthquake had destroyed these artisans’way of life. This project was started by collaborating with young creators in order to promote the local sake and propose new lacquer-ware that would suit our modern lives.Composition: A sophisticated set of plates with very simple forms that can be ‘composed’ to create a variety of table settings.In the dark: A set of sake cups with unique shapes and different wall thicknesses. As Japanese sake is very delicate, its taste will change even with a slight change in temperature or the shape of the cup.Photography by Takumi Ota.