Wallpaperplate for WALLPAPER* Exhibition 2011 magazine, Milan, Disposable tableware

Wallpaperplate is a disposable tableware system (consisting of a cup, plus deep and low plates) that comes in two versions. A pre-assembled, ready-to-use kit that can be easily produced and commercialized by those with few resources, using sheets of food-grade coated paper, starch glue and latex. The second version is a DIY variation comprising of pre-cut A4 sheets with an adhesive edge at the joints that are instantly assembled after dampening. The plates of the kit can be stacked onto the cups in order to keep a hand free at drinks parties.The Waribashi spoon is an intercultural, multifunctional eating tool made of bamboo. It is a spoon that can be split in two along a groove to make a pair of chopsticks. Different from most hybrid ‘sporks’ the object fully assumes both functions; that of a spoon and a set of chopsticks.